Self-Guided Program

Bring the YPO Forum experience to emerging women leaders around the world with the 8-module self-guided program for universities and business schools.


Here’s What's Included

Everything you need to facilitate an incredible Forum experience every meeting of the year

Year-Long Curriculum

You will receive access to comprehensive facilitation materials when you purchase any of the Enjoy Success plans. This digital content will guide you through a year-long forum experience focused on empowering your members to achieve their full potential - and enjoy their lives.

Instructional Videos

Every module comes with introductory and instructional videos explaining the purpose and structure of the upcoming meeting. Your instructors, the co-founders of Enjoy Success, will explain the meeting flow and how to effectively use the supporting digital content to make your meeting a success.

Insightful Exercises

The meeting for each module centers around an exercise to unlock insight for forum participants. The instructions for this exercise and all supporting materials will be included in the program's digital content - so all you have to do is watch the videos and bring the handouts.

Supporting Content

All Enjoy Success plans come with exclusive access to the Enjoy Success library of content - agendas, exercises, handouts, and supplementary materials. The relevant materials for each module can also be accessed easily directly within each lessons.

Our Clients

Kaley Klemp

Kaley is a highly sought after speaker, certified YPO Forum Facilitator, and transformational executive coach with over 15 years of experience helping individuals and organizations elevate performance by unlocking a deeper understanding of what drives people.

Jackie Insinger

Jackie is a motivation and communication expert, executive performance coach and team dynamics facilitator. Jackie studied Developmental Psychology at Duke University and designed a Master’s Degree within Human Development & Psychology at Harvard University.

Everything was laid out so nicely. The video and the print outs were very organized and easy to use. Everyone said they thought it was a great meeting!

Parker Shuford
YPO Southern 7 Moderator

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Schedule a coaching call before each module to understand the content and meeting flow in greater depth.

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