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Leadership Modules

Choose from the following 3 leadership modules:

Own Your Values

Identify each team members’ set of top grounding values, why they are important to you and how to leverage them to increase success and fulfillment. Through facilitated discussion among team members, you’ll build a stronger sense of connection and authenticity, making you individually and collectively more successful.

Master Your Mindset

Each member on the team learns to interrupt the default thinking patterns that cripple creativity and limit positive engagement and decision making. Learn tools to differentiate the facts of the situation from all unhelpful interpretations and build confidence for leadership.

Leverage Your Superpowers

Those who want to create a high-performing team know that using strengths allows you to be to become more effective, fulfilled and empowered. Identify your own superpower and understand the inherent strengths of those on the team. Leave with concrete ways to leverage these discoveries to have your team excel.


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