The Founders

Kaley Warner Klemp

is a sought-after speaker, YPO and executive team facilitator, and transformational executive coach.  She advises senior executives on how to uncover and address core challenges in communication, trust and culture. Kaley uses tools such as the Enneagram and Conscious Leadership models to help teams foster a common vision, build trust, develop authentic relationships and use creative collaboration to achieve superior results. 

Kaley is a graduate of Stanford University, where she earned a B.A. in International Relations and an M.A. in Sociology, with a focus on Organizational Behavior. She co-authored The Drama-Free Office and The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and wrote 13 Guidelines for Effective Teams. You can see her TEDx talk and learn more about Kaley at www.KaleyKlemp.com.

Reach her directly at [email protected].

Jackie Insinger

is a Motivation and Communication Expert and Team Dynamics Coach. Jackie combines Positive Psychology with revolutionary tools and programs to help individuals increase performance and fulfillment while supporting teams to become more aligned, communicate more effectively and support each other more efficiently; therefore, increasing productivity, performance and engagement in an overall enhanced culture and environment.

With a Psychology degree from Duke University and a Masters from Harvard, Jackie’s work with individuals and teams has positively impacted thousands of people and businesses throughout the world. Jackie’s objective of guiding each client from concept to implementation and then continued execution has created a track record of sustained impact and success. Learn more about Jackie at www.InsingerInsights.com.

Reach her directly at [email protected].


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